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We are accustomed to working as per the requirements & deliver; being the end of one cycle, academic, professional or otherwise.  To keep picking up skills, expertise unconnected to immediate requirements but certainly in the broader scheme of things takes you out of ordinary.  The is ably supported by relevant reading of the cutting edge level, creating a resource base one of its kind.

 Why does a project manager who works  on one project after another does not add to expertise / knowledge.  He has gone into the mechanical mode of creating the same product every time.  The level of learning from the first project  goes on dwindling with every successive project.  The consistency of learning in both its quantum and quality nearly comes to a screeching halt and the  decadence of the professional starts.  The knowledge canvas which sustains a professional does not created in the first place.

For professional public speakers restricting to standard ppts over & over again, makes their output stale & over a period of time the audience loses complete interest &  deals them with the disdain which they rightfully deserve.  We live in a learning age where the minimum requirement is consistency in learning.  The learning today has turned multi media & what a value add it is.  With practitioners experience adding up with newer &  diverse projects, the collation of the two, with excellent communication skills can do wonders.

 The same rot has set in the academia as well.  The consistency in learning of academicians are limited to mandated doctoral thesis or the articles to be published, to be added as citations later.  Even these might not be in the scheme of things to be delivered to the students.  With the pace of research happening at mind boggling pace in the industry, academia seems to have become complete bystanders, at least in the cutting edge technology.  Consistency in learning, sustained creates resource which can be banked upon & cherished.


Sanjay Sahay

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