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Constructing hopes – the people who defeat us. These are the people what have made a profession of constructing hopes and then make a living out of it. What would happen to the hope is a different story. This emanates out of a very progressive thought prevalent in every society, life is till the time hope is. This has been manifested in wide are varied ways all throughout the existence of communities. You should be a die hard optimist, they are the ones who win. You should fight it out till the end. In the modern days, the parents and families are advised to be both supportive and provide resources. The war cry shifted to dream big with innovation and creativity becoming buzzwords. The funnel theory talks of endless failures and that is precisely what happens with these hopes.

Contrary to this, if you find a realist, you become critical of him. Instead of seeing the mirror being shown, you decry him, criticise him. The realist is rechristened as a pessimist, he is told that only because of people like him the country is not able to progress. The general feeling comes to the fore is that you should not criticise, it is abhorred, if somebody wants to fail, let it be so. These contradictions are fine in s society, hopefully, it would get sorted out over time. The real problem is when professional constructors of hope start engaging with communities and the nation. They can be aptly described as pedlars of hope.

As per general understanding the pedlars can only sell delusion. Christopher Nix of the Cambridge Analytica fame said democratic elections are fought between created hope and despair. Despair cannot be sold every time, it needs a very specific context. And hence we find that election after election, hopes are constructed to the extent that electorate feels satisfied that at least somebody has raised hopes, right or wrong. Starting from the politicians it comes down to the bureaucrats, governance, NGOs etc, all start constructing hopes, having no idea as to how it can be translated into reality. For decades even the promises have not changed, the packaging has. Might me we have reached a stage where packaging hope has become a product in itself, the unfortunate part is that hope in itself is the end of the supply chain.

The idea of constructing hope is abhorring. It should be made the norm that anybody creating such hope, should also know how to make it happen. It should be validated by experts. Deciphering it at the cost of the population has turned out to be suicidal for the masses. Next stage, they should be asked to provide correct detailing of resources, the method, process and timelines of reaching the target / destination. Living a surreal life is a life of disaster. Individual crisis apart, COVID-19 type situations can rip communities and nations simultaneously. The habit is so nasty even in the case of the worst adversity, that we are going through, such pedlars are busy constructing hopes and selling it with impunity. They know how to sell the same thing over and over again, while successfully not delivering.


Sanjay Sahay

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