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While we see all the wherewithal and the manifestations of the technological age, we don’t find the glue, we don’t find the connects, we don’t find a flow, we don’t find a clear progression, we don’t find parts fitting into the larger whole, we don’t find a a roadmap, we find something truly amiss. If you try and strain you brain, you will slowly discover for yourself that it is the technological mindset. You cannot look at technology as an object of fun and believe that having got many of them, you would end up in prosperity is a complete misconception. You cannot look at technology through the filter of policy, law and development and make a success out of it. It will not happen. It is like scientific development without scientific temper.

Given our immersion with technology in the current age, the world has to be looked through the prism of technology and only then you will start finding solutions to your multifarious problems. The IT behemoths looked at the world through a finely tuned and perfected technological mindset and slowly they started finding solutions to problems in literally every field. The maximum number of real life problems have been solved by technology compared to anything else and is increasing with every passing day. The marriage of different mindset’s don’t happen. Inside the technology realm, lots of mindset’s don’t get along with each other.

How can we then expect mindset’s coming together from radically different domains, never having interfaced with each other to gel. The only way out it is to develop a technological mindset, you can wear two hats at the same time and enmesh the two. This is easier said than done. *It needs years of familiarity with technology developing the understanding of the nuances of its functioning and the capability to play around with it, as and when required, for clearly defined purpose or requirements. This technological mindset would then provide you with mental tools to embrace your domain with technical skills necessary for technological change and make a success out of it.

The lack of technological mindset you will never be able to make out, you will always feel you are doing fine. But the results of your efforts would be a true mirror of whether you are in possession of it or not. This is the green hand of a gardener. This is the intuition of a professional, this the unseen precision of surgeon, when the fingers don’t go wrong. Finally, you a have it or you don’t have it. There is no straight way to procure it. Learning out of real life technological crisis situations is certainly one way, besides tonnes of reading, field visits, spending productive hours with the experts and certainly soiling your hands. When the world is fifty percent domain and fifty percent technology, do you have a choice?


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