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Education is made out to be the best investment and undoubtedly so, but how much of it is translated into knowledge and into practice is the hidden challenge of any system. The more effective the transition, better is the performance of every sector of the economy and of human talent associated with all productive activities. Suffice to say archaic knowledge and systems cannot yield worthwhile results. There have been umpteen areas where the knowledge and practice remain watertight compartments never to be bridged.

It is general presumption is that education, learning and may be knowledge, if it ever happens, is limited in usage and job, service and even research have to follow what has been the practice. The ultimate is that research does not enter the portals of practising academic institutions and professors minds for use. That garnering knowledge is a task and job in itself and that has to be completed independent of any connect while the academic course in on. Once the course gets over there is never a thought given as to why one underwent that course and how it can be used in the work assigned.

Not undermining the lack of effort by organisations and institutions generally having made no effort to see to that the already acquired knowledge of the employees is put to practice, in the interest of the organisation, the personnel also makes no effort to utilise that knowledge / skill. It goes to the extent that they don’t even try using it for personal use. Neither the direct connect of knowledge is established nor if some vague connect seems to be existing, it is not facilitated.

It’s so crazy that organisations giving the facility of sabbatical don’t connect it to the job or the future requirements. It’s made to be a personal choice at organisations time and may be expense. It is philanthropy in its purest with someone else’s money. Does knowledge remain a tool of a level it is made out to be? Practising knowledge should be made the core philosophy of professional world and the results can be magical.


Sanjay Sahay

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