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Courage we connect to battle & war, to coming out victorious in life challenging situations & freedom struggles, revolutions & the like. Presumably, courage & its utility does not end there. It is the capability to come out successful in challenging situations. Professional courage, thus is the sum total of knowledge, expertise & competencies, with the capability to take risks, decide against the tide & finally come out victorious. It includes handling the vicissitudes on the way. Audacious to take & declare decision as a clarion call.

Professional competence we all presume & it is with unfailing regularity. Exceptional persons dot the corporate, academic & the governmental landscape. Unfortunately, they end up in an assembly line mindset & deliver what they do, where minor changes start giving the feeling of an impending revolution. Professional courage is the capability to speak what is professionally right to start with. In how many of the situations in our work day do we manifest professional courage. On the contrary, organizational culture, teaches subservient behavior. Practicality is a world that has gained immense currency. Professional growth does not come out of Professional Courage, has become our psyche.

Courage is rarer than genius, is the adage, Professional Courage is even rarer. It’s to extent that courage does not exist in the Professional lexicon. Even speaking out from purely professional point of view is an anathema. Business schools don’t find it worthy to be taught. Exceptional business leaders have manifested equally exceptional professional courage but that is subsumed in more conventional management jargons. Courage as a behavioral trait blends with Professional necessity to create Professional Courage in you. Professional Courage thus becomes the active tool of high end Professional competence.

Can Professional behavior be totally devoid of the human personality traits? Accepting it would make our organizations high end human organizations.


Sanjay Sahay

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