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Individuals and professionals get into the public domain, try & deliver what they have intended to and lots even extract name & fame and bask in the public domain glory. We have think tanks galore suggesting on lots of issues by way of model policies, white paper, critique and the like. How much of public domain and public policy has been impacted by it, remains a matter of conjecture. NGOs also suggest changes & even create model documents on social sector issues etc. All this adds to the depth, representation & direction to the public domain, nonetheless they lack practitioner’s validation.

There are lots of professionals in the public domain doctors, lawyers, management experts full time in the public domain. There are lots others in their field having made a name and have a public stature which can influence decision making based on grass roots, useful and cutting edge expertise. Undeniably, some of the persons who come to public domain without any expertise, develop worthwhile public domain skills & competencies which in conjunction with the public domain professionals of the two earlier types can do wonders. These three categories have to come together to work Public Domain Communities.

Professionals in different areas having a public domain presence & concern, professionals full time in public domain having the best of both and public domain practitioners who have gained worthwhile public domain skills coming together is the creation of Public Domain Communities. It is basically a group of reasonably selfless individuals coming together with the sole agenda of societal good. The unison of mind has to happen with the commonality of purpose. The competencies mentioned earlier would come in handy.

This would make it as a super think tank which would have capability to generate ideas and take it through to it’s logical conclusion. The communities would be abreast with latest on the topic being handled anywhere. They would have the capability to take it through the Project Management Lifecycle and can guide any project end to end; govt, private or any other. They would bring in the change they envision. Change Agents in totality.


Sanjay Sahay

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