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What fascinates Indians is a conspicuous lust for easy life. Literally anything and everything is defined by this parameter. Nonetheless, the effort is made to prove to the world that hard work is being put in and with the new age social media it is being harnessed in the most creative ways. Why do you study hard?  To get into an easy life. Getting a job. Good job is tantamount to an easy life. That would be the end of a grind and would be the beginning of a new era in the person’s life; an easy one. That learning is synonymous with academic degrees and once you arrive in life, you need not do even a fraction of it. The manifestation of lust for easy life is all around the place, from the pictures of the houses, gardens, clothes, holidays, clubs, social circle and what not?

When the quantum of education, focus, effort and time required to get a job was so humongous , given the complex nature of job’s requirements today in the private sector, and  more so in governance and public sector, you can well decide the nature of effort and learning required. To ward off any criticism of the lust for easy life, the same success story is put as new wine in old bottle. Success stories of walking many kilometers to school, coming from a humble family and facing various other hardships have to be often repeated. This is what merit based democratic set up is all about. Destiny and work smiled on you and you achieved whatever you did, what next? Do you deliver in your dream job and the dream profession or keep milking the hardship story for all times to come.

Similarly we have stories of our political leaders, being foot soldiers of different political parties, becoming heroes in various political battles and elections. They adorn the democratic – political positions which can change the face of India. Having reached the hard way, you have to work harder to deliver. First gain expertise to deliver and then directly or indirectly deliver. The uncounted official freebies to our elected representatives fall in the same category. He works to reach there. Easy life is the destination. His time for which the taxpayers pay, has no role to play in his scheme of things. It is difficult to get one elected representative who picked any great expertise in governance, delivery and social upliftment and elevated the constituents he represents.

Financial allotments are supposedly progress and delivery. Passing orders are work done statements. The desperation to get govt jobs and the disjointed delivery mechanism they control and are happy with, tell the same story. The Indian countryside is replete with convoys of people (elected representatives) and on the sidewalks or even way off are sovereigns (people, citizens, voters), whom they serve. Is this not a lust for an easy life?  With this, ostentatious living and style follows. Is excelling in what we do, our concern, or comfort to the tune of being a feudal lord, camouflaged modern, our character.  It is a harsh world and only the daredevils in every field will win the world, are we the ones? Software industry without software, technology being defined as an easy life object, political rhetoric and nature of governance inertia, all indicate that the battle to win the world is yet to begin.


Sanjay Sahay

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