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Mirage is something what Indians have always aspired for. In the very nature of things, it can never be achieved. Given our nature of mind and effort we put into it, even the achieved and the realised we tend to lose. This uncanny knack, very rarely we find anywhere else in the world. The sanctity we give to the intangibles or superstitions and our variant of religiosity facilitates to miss out the woods for the trees. Added to that is fatalism so deeply ingrained in our hearts and minds. From this emanates the living principle of inevitability and the life goes on. We live in a distorted reality field so different from that of the psyche of Steve Jobs.

What is the difference between the two reality fields? The only difference is the need for achievement. As has been proven over and over again, scientifically, that achievement is equal to need for achievement. How can we make this as fallacy. Objectivity is given a go by in normal times, but when it comes to crisis, then that becomes the only currency in circulation. Escapism is an art we have achieved to perfection. This game is played in families, communities, business enterprises and in governance. Social Media is an ideal example. And the ideal is what has already gone by or something which is in the distant future. Present is a battle we love not to engage in.

COVID-19 has been no different. It could not have been. Taking a health and the existential crisis on a flight of fancy is what we have done. Eight months down the line ambulance is still an issue in Delhi. Our discussions are hotter than the raging emergency. What all it will engulf nobody knows. The festival celebration advertisement of the Delhi govt is not only a waste of money, it manifests our sick mindset. It is outright offensive in the current exasperating scenario. The battle has already moved on to the unknown territory of the vaccine and utopia that it will usher.

The timing of the vaccine, the efficacy, the reach, the coverge, cold chain capability and what percentage of the population it can cover are all unknown. Even with all these handicaps, we are all upbeat. The behaviour even in places currently being hotspots, gives us a feeling that they have already been vaccinated and that too with one which has 100% efficacy or more. There cannot be anything to beat the courage of foolishness or diehard escapism. If a population cannot take small precautions and govts limit their responsibilities to requests and advisories mainly, managing next few months can be an uphill talks. Immediate issue is to tackle it effectively.


Sanjay Sahay

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