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While addressing a conference this morning to my bewilderment I could make out one of the participants reading verbatim. The beauty of language, content and expertise will never need this camouflage. These I call as teleprompter models, without the crutches they become polio stricken, but they want all the glory, fame and success as if they are the Valmiki of the teleprompter Ramacharitmanas. The unfortunate part is most can’t even read properly, a newscaster would certainly do a better job. Teleprompter is just an euphemism for a person who cannot manage his own exposition even in necessity.

The method of communication is different for different jobs but it should be mandatory to have such oral communication capabilities which would be required on a regular basis. It is like an accountant not knowing accounts or a actor pilot paying that role in a movie. Life cannot be denigrated to a movie and the audience to mute spectators who have been organised to fill the seats. At the end of the day one should realise that it is not the lecture, speech, keynote that you are delivering, you have to create tangibles out of it. If you don’t understand or understand vaguely what you have professed from the pulpit, then what value do you carry.

There needs to be a whole army of fellows taking care of the nuances of your public appearances. The appearance has taken the front seat. Content comes last. Putting the cart before the horse is the SOP. It does not end there, same things happen at your main operations area, which we call the office. If we get rid of the superfluous staff, it would a big financial gain for the organisation. Added to that everybody would know what he or she is doing, the nature of the effort, the stage, the issues and the direction. You stand tall. This is what a leader is all about, whatever might be his position. That person is bound to lead.

It is like somebody else studying for you. It’s is like somebody else taking the exam for you.* This is the ultimate form of impersonation. What you have not created, why should it go in your name. Ghost writing is all pervasive. Academicians have put up a Plagiarism Software to control this onslaught, still the desired results are far away. There is a thriving Academic Writing Black Market. Expressions can come only out of years of hard work, gaining expertise and gaining the capability to lead. Writing should have originality besides academic and communication brilliance. Only then you reach the stage of hitting the stage and making it big there. Who has the time, energy and inclination to do that. Better things have a killing attraction.


Sanjay Sahay

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