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Have you ever heard this question, to eat or not to eat? If you have not, then from where does this question arise, to read or not to read? What is eating for human body is precisely reading is for the human mind. The most intriguing thought an educated person can ever have in his life, is to read to not! The day this thought crosses your mind, be rest assured that all that has been invested in your education; money, time, energy, national assets, have all been a colossal waste. Why this idea did not occur to you when you were going to school or college, when the whole ecosystem wanted you to read more and more and be the front runner in academics. Academics for academics sake has been the story, so reading as habit and utility, could never become a part of you.

Just run a casual thought of all that has happened around you and ended up in complete or partial failure, or large numbers of activities which could never start at all? How many of them reached the fate they did because of lack of reading? Lack of reading means lack of inquisitiveness. How can human race move forward with the near total absence of this trait? How far can you reach without this asset? Wherever you might reach because of a non-real merit based system, you will feel the impact of the precarious balance you are supposed to maintain. You also realise that you are a product of positional advantage and you will lose all you have, the day the positional advantage is lifted. Everything happens on hearsay, some half baked knowledge, notes, some ppts, some consultants fed on templates and life goes on.

Regular reading teaches you comprehension and assimilation. In this maddening pace of knowledge / technology, can you live without that. What is the value of endless training programs and certifications, which you are forced to undergo, but for basic skilling, what else have any of these added. Can intense & purposeful reading not sort out all that is required in your professional and personal life? The best of the books are written without certifications and training programs. Have you heard to courses for creating authors in any field? From where does the cutting edge professionals learn from? If the connect of reading is not there, even what you have learned on the job, does not become a part of you, but for mechanical stuff. Assimilation and connect does not happen.

Capability to learn on your own comes only through reading. Then you pick things hands on too. The people who read in whichever field they are, find easy to connect, make teams and deliver. They are already on the same page. All socially elevating acts have its genesis in reading and the change makers come together because of this self acquired knowledge. Only classes can be taken on non self-acquired knowledge. COVID-19 has endless scenarios outside of B School curriculum and management text books. Can the world wait for the snail paced academic institutions to prepare the whole generation to be post COVID-19 economic situation ready? You have to find you own way out either inside or outside of organisations, life is for the ones who read and find a way out, otherwise the business model types have made a rut even out of start ups.


Sanjay Sahay

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