Daily Post 1308


The way things have been moving forward in this country, we see whenever a high and mighty is caught in a criminal case, there starts the same duel with the law, often repeated, all of us know of it, but rarely articulated. It is made as a battle with police orchestrated as per a pre decided game plan. Nearly always, the final investigation validates the police but even with same story happening with uncanny regularity, the emboldened lot remains in the same state of mind. The suspect / accused, their hangers on and organisations in their favour start crying hoarse at the drop of hat.

The whole process is played to the minutest detail with the aim to hoodwink, sidetrack, evade or at the worst to delay, what is the due process of law, indefinitely. While they claim to vouch for everything established by law and for its adjudication, ever single act, uttering and stance is to the contrary. Getting arrested or going for interrogation is given the impression of going to war, with victory already declared. Declaring oneself the victor based one’s own truth and self certification speaks of his opinion regarding the system he is going to encounter.

Lip service of being a ideal citizen, of having never committed a crime, subjecting themselves to interrogation / investigation and to the due process of law is talked about as if the person is doing a favour. Or as if he had a choice. The camouflaging of scare, fear and tension is palpable. Drama has become an integral part even though it does not pay off. This morning itself one of the famed editors, enters a police station displaying victory symbol. Sobriety and propriety should be practised by all concerned to stop even any psychological influence to play on.

The use of media; social, electronic and otherwise in all its multimedia formats, inclusive of tone, tenor, appearance and gestures in trying to influence due process of law is abhorring. Can there be any other reason to do this? How should putting all the resources of your own TV channel behind obfuscating the investigation be viewed as? In the modern world of media, the way they conduct themselves have to be predefined, inclusive of suspect’s/ accused’s dalliance with the media. Criminal investigation and whole mechanism of the criminal justice deserves to be away from this cacophony of the world.


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