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“Product ecosystem theory is an emerging theory that describes how the design of manufactured products evolves over time and draws parallels with how species evolve within a natural ecosystem.” This theory talks about the impact of the ecosystem on product evolution. It does not talk about how a new product is capable enough to create an ecosystem of it’s own, propelling immense growth on desired lines. The second failing is that it does not talk about Knowledge Products. Internet has redefined the world ecosystem to help propel it’s further growth. The Blockchain technology would take the internet of information to internet of value developing a new / customised ecosystem in the process.

The softwares also work on the same lines. And so does encyclopedias & other reference products. The Wikipedia slowly developed a totally new ecosystem for it’s creation & sustenance & in process creating a new knowledge society. Many such Knowledge Products small & big are creating their own ecosystems & propeling positive societal change. DailyPost initiated on 26th Sept 2016, is today an ecosystem; a network of professionals & students united by this Knowledge Product.

Dissemination of contextual knowledge, not otherwise available in a cogent form being the primary motive, it’s interesting the ways it’s being used today; students, researchers, professors, professionals, consultants, public speakers, management & tech practitioners et al. A Knowledge Product’s only touchstone is utility, emanating out of empirical data & objective analysis. It’s readers are at the nascent stage of networking, most not knowing each other, a world of collaboration awaits the with magical results. This is an evolving knowledge ecosystem for a Knowledge Product.

DailyPost feeds into awareness, education, research & developmment, documentation, communication and creating, executing & managing projects. It can also be used to teach cogent & precise English. It is an evolving knowledge ecosystem and so is the DailyPost community.


Sanjay Sahay

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