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The act of attributing is Attribution. The act, job, task, creation is always attributed to some human being or the other. This is the key ingredient of human existence. Imagine the world where you find it extremely difficult to attribute a lot of things, that too when it is making a huge impact on the whole population. This is the predicament we are in. Groping in the dark has become our fate, unfortunately. Attribution is the sine qua non of criminal investigation, the crime getting connected to the criminal is biggest major fact in the criminal investigation.

Come Cyber Crime and this fact started becoming more and more elusive. Around 20 municipalities in the US have been attacked by ransomware in recent past and currently another 22 municipalities in Texas have suffered the same fate. The investigative agencies have not been able to attribute these crimes to the hackers concerned. Investigation makes no headway and recovery for the municipalities becomes a monumental task both technically and financially.

Anonymity is curse which has gone on increasing in the digital world even with best efforts to crack it and now the social media is getting afflicted by it in a different way. If you closely follow the WhatsApp forwards which lot of us do, the originator is not known. The facts are interesting to enable it to get viral or gain a huge amount of circulation in no time. This agenda based propaganda or false information or simple fun and frolic has the capability to eat into into the vitals of a healthy society.

Facebook at one point in time had 30% or so accounts which could not accounted for. From Cambridge Analytica to Bots the content creation and dissemination is the curse of the anonymity provided by this medium at ease. The target is precisely known and targeted precisely too. Lots of research goes behind it, whether individual or groups. Something needs to be bring sanity to social life and political life, unattributed content cannot be allowed to prosper in public domain.


Sanjay Sahay

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