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Personal Website Development

Huge amount of information, knowledge and  above all wisdom  remains in the personal domain, not even in private domain. Nobody even thinks of sharing.  This whole quantum of knowledge can become a huge knowledge base of the world.   The real knowledge  available on the net is is  minuscule   compared to what it should actually be.  It’s time we realize the potential of this tool.  One Wikipedia revolutionized the way we view knowledge, create, use and leave it for posterity as our creation for this generation and the next and beyond.

Why should website as the great knowledge platforms should primarily be used for business?   Business knowledge will always come  with a rider  of business development and cannot be taken as sacred. It is driven by contrary principles compared to knowledge dissemination, though there is no denying the fact that it meets somewhere.

Website should also been seen and used as a knowledge platform of a different kind, its utility depends on how much your mind can soar and nothing else.

I have been formally through my personal website development and what a fulfilling experience it has been.  Website creation can be the ultimate of professional, literary, artistic, aesthetic, creative and technical expression of a human being.  There has been medium in human history so complete in its expression of a  common man as well as a genius with the ease to create, use and share.

It’s gives you the experience of a writer, a content creator / manager, creative director, photographer, a documentary maker, a technical wizard, a guru, a shishya, a team manager, a researcher, a CEO and many more.


    Sanjay Sahay

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