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The quality of customer service decides the real comfort level of any nation. What is important is how much credence we give to the customer beyond the mandatory and how much we are ready to go out the way to provide best maintenance to the products and innumerable services being offered on the non-product side. A service is also a product so to say. At the end of the day everybody is a customer and a user too. A citizen, user, institution, enterprise, government, research or academic institution, all are also customers and their functional superiority would be enabled by the quality of customer service provided for all the products / services they use.

More often than not good customer service provided at the most base / infra levels leads to a very high level quality by the secondary and tertiary service providers. The efficiency of the organisation grows by leaps and bounds. The bottlenecks to efficient working is ironed out and the peace of mind which is required by the knowledge worker is established and there is no need for the management to waste time in the non-core work.

How much our systems work under highest levels of customer service? What is the non-regular wear and tear? Are the preventive maintenance requirements being met? What percentage of the machinery remains not used, disused or under repairs because of bad quality customer service? How much of Service Level Agreements are implemented in word and spirit? What is our expertise in handling the array of enterprises who provide these services? Customer Service has to be treated as a specialised core job both for the giver and taker.

The answers to the above questions would give clarity to the quality of customer service an organisation and its employees enjoy. Assurance, predictability, affordability, quality and transparency would remain to be the cardinal principles. How much we achieve on each count is the challenge. We are still in the nascent stage of customer service.


Sanjay Sahay

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