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With the onset of  mass production, commercialization  of every activity of our life including education, consumerism,  mainstream media & social media et al,  it seems the  days of individuality & consequent originality are counted .  Individuality in  behavioural traits, thought and action has been the order of the day  through monarchies and other forms of government,  reaching its bloom during renaissance, reformation and more so in the present days of innovation & Exponential Change.

The  iconic innovators  of our times added  fresh blood of originality  with companies and products unheard of,  making our present day world so different and comfortable , completely dissimilar to anything humanity has experienced down the ages.

 Human beings are individuals with uniqueness, originality, peculiarity & distinctiveness as the defining traits.   Society  as a cumulative entity of individuals tries to  dictate conformism.  What is so called  COOL  in any society is the accepted norm. The  battle  between  individuality & conformism  is the history of human civilization not likely to change in the days to come. Conformism is gaining ground, nonetheless, the society would  keep surging ahead only because of individuals practicing individuality & originality.

They are ones who Steve Jobs calls the  Crazy Ones , the round pegs in the square holes, the geniuses, who are  determined to change mankind.   Adam Grant  in his recent book titled  Originals  elaborates where they come from, their mindset and how & why they succeed.  Successful nonconformists are not born leaders.  Anyone can  recognize a good idea, speak out successfully & spot opportunities for change, is the undercurrent running across the book.

 The courage to stand against all onslaughts which a conformist society throws up, is the real challenge and they are ready to face it.  The field can be any  society, polity or business.


Sanjay Sahay

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