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Does writing a report, making a proposal, speaking in a meeting, proving your point in your field or in any other, where you supposed to have expertise, come naturally to you? There is a narrative in everything, how comfortable are you in creating the appropriate narrative with great about of ease. Ask any professional to perform a narrative related task, the first instinct which you will distinctly discover is the tendency to evade, finding ways and means to wash it off on somebody else. It rattles your brain, hiccups galore, bits and pieces are desperately added to create the whole.

Natural Narrative is a concept which means that the topic opens up naturally in all its depth, connect and vibrance as you start writing on it, you gets the connects, you are able to reach the right references, navigate seamlessly, understand the flow and final product as you progress, and finally deliver a well reasoned, cogent document in the appropriate language. It is in sharp contrast to collecting some disparate documentation, talk to whosoever you can reach, some pubic domain stuff and collate a document. It might be reasonably successful at times but cannot be match to a natural narrative.

This knack applies across board from a simple ppt to a doctoral and post doctoral research thesis, from a small summary to a cabinet note. How does this get developed? It’s years of study, interacting with experts, disseminating your knowledge, getting into field situations, executing, doing research, knowing the best global resources and using it and more importantly writing and also speaking on these topics in all formats. This leads to its validation. Self-confidence. The mind reaches a level of knowledge peace and serenity and it in this stage the natural narrative mode of mind emerges.

Defending your work to the discerning and the expert eye as is the case with most of what we professionally write and speak is not an easy. The whole professional class is in struggle with. But if the creation happens through the natural narrative mode, defending your knowledge product would come naturally to you. Naturally created narrative is the most consistent knowledge product.


Sanjay Sahay

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