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The lip smart Indians can display value in anything, which serves their interest. Over the years they learnt the art of spinning stories and making a living out of it. Individual success at whatever cost is  become the norm. Nothing succeeds like success became the story of the day and everybody has started aligning their life accordingly. Arriving in life meant that you need not work for anything and all your facilities, comforts and super comforts are taken care of. Getting a job meant end of the hard work, sincerity and conscientiousness, which one has so religiously practiced all throughout his academic career and got appreciated for it.  All that was for the foolish now.

Knowledge was a medium to crack an exam and get a job with a hefty salary and it had nothing to do with sharpening expertise and skills of life. Being practical in life is the great lesson you can get in this country, from the lowest to the highest functionaries. That the good morning thoughts are meant for whom, nobody knows. It’s thought money could buy every comfort in life and beyond, so keep on collecting money endlessly, for what you don’t know. That accountability has never been measured with the visible impact seen in our villages. Political power and national wellbeing are not connected. Elections became a waterloo for everything – of the man, money and the machine, an odd  Seshan notwithstanding. Alexander the Greats have been created out of it, for decades together.

Our culture has been the best. We can recite the epics and slokas and quote anecdotes. Finding  individual character to national character would be an effort, which would take you more than a lifetime. Leave aside every part of our famed culture, even the religiosity has no takers. Crime against humanity can happen even beyond life is the saga of our character. Lack of dignity in death. Are morals not a part of our character and our culture. Can life happen outside of morals? Oxygen Langars is what humanity is made of. A tradition of religion and service. When they  fed the  farmers, names were called. Oxygen Langars are the best innovation I have seen in my life. The culture has been carefully carried through the generations, today it is the community’s culture.

Why do we have a helpline, which does not work?  To tease the sick and the dying. False claims have put the country into jeopardy, whatever might be the geography.  Fleecing is our character and our culture, the more needy the person, more you fleece.  The political class which has every single voter mapped, sees through the wails all over their constituencies. If the hectic electoral political activity so full of energy, fervor and resources were to be replicated for pandemic relief, India would have been much more comforted. Camouflaging, evading and scooting away is our character and our culture. Corporate Social Responsibility could have done wonders, but it seems to be a peacetime affair.  So is our character and our culture. Some have risen above this character, we salute them. We are on the verge of  being declared a failed generation.


Sanjay Sahay


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