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Precision took a quantum leap in the Digital Age; * nature of the technology brought immense accuracy*. Precision is the quality, condition, or fact of being exact & accurate. Precision is not an innate human trait & can be mastered with having clarity of domain & immense effort. Anything done then has surgical precision, the impact has to be seen to be believed. It is a long haul with few practitioners.

While machines brought in precision in process, & data & its dissemination, the human capability to handle, did not take the requisite jump. The result it that the best practitioners of precision have gained fame, money & influence at the cost of vast majority, who never care to pick this trait & feel the lack of its necessity. Precision is an existential trait today.

Even when making a slide, we don’t want to know all the features, learn it; to use it precisely to our advantage. Precision is the antithesis of both mediocrity & confusion. Precision can never happen without knowledge, it’s practice with available tools & utilities. Precision can over a period helps create simplicity. Simplicity once achieved can move mountains.Speaking is what communication is, to the uninitiated & this is where it remains for most of the population. Communication means clarity, emanating out of precise understanding of facts, process, method of communication & it’s likely impact. Personal level it be managed as talking but at the professional / public level it can be positively detrimental, if not dangerous. Danger is the bloodbath we watch on the electronic media.

How many times you have been asked to be precise, in meetings, reports & seminars? How many times you have found people looking at you in confusion? How many times have people started talking while you were talking? If frequent is the answer to most / all of these questions, there for sure, the is not language, but lack of precision.


Sanjay Sahay

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