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 From academic / research institutions to business enterprises to think tanks to execution agencies to major projects, we have huge amount of lip service to technology but in realty technology has no parents here. Technology develops and blooms on the champions it has, it can be a college or a lab or might be an individual researcher. But unfortunately, there seems to no perceivable change in last few decades.

The students getting into higher research are worried about the stipends they draw and keep managing it. The others who get into jobs get into the pay package racket. If you don’t have research bent of mind you will not be able to do anything with present day technology, with the pace and pervasiveness it possesses. The consultancy which should be research based and totally expertise driven, finally boils down to creating documentation. Management consultancy behemoths handle technology on humungous technology projects are providing permanence to the technologies orphaned state.

The research agenda is unknown at every level, at the professional colleges level, R&D establishments level, enterprise’s level, state and national level. Research is the tacit understanding between one researcher and a guide. Technology is thus left without not only parents and but family too. Unconnected single researches are the best manifestation of a purely orphaned state.

TETRA Public Safety Network technology was given a go by after it was unsuccessful in a major sports extravaganza,few years back, which India was hosting. Certainly, technology was not the root cause of the failure. The IT Majors are busy body shopping, where is the issue of technology. Even in the well known institutions, technology as a culture has not permeated as curriculums, labs, project works and jobs have. The principals, directors, CEOs and technocrats can bring this change.


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