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Between the lip service to total democratic equality to the real practice of life, totally inflated in relation to the world, and also trying their level best not to have any real connect with the existential, is the world of entitlement in this country. Anybody who has achieved anything in life, can dutifully claim to enter this hallowed circle. It also covers hangers on of the abovementioned. The one who achieved or got on a silver platter or came the electoral way, in any sphere of life, believes that hangers on are must in life, to declare to the world that you have arrived.This is practised so blatantly and so consistently that this is accepted as the norm of Indian existence.

People have learnt to live with it or rather they have caved into it. They have seen entitlement being played day in and day out, what choice are they left with. While the subtle ways to entitlement are visible all around the place, there are three recent cases, which exhibit it to the world very abundantly. Subtle, because we treat them with kid gloves. In all the three cases, the issues are of the gravest nature, ending in heinous crimes, and has been the result of the endless offences / arrogant, intemperate behaviour being condoned over and over again. Suffice to say that entitlement and manipulation run hand in hand. Entitlement is not as per the law of the land.

The Pune Porsche man made accident case, has entitlement running all the way. The accused rode roughshod against all rules for months together on the streets of Pune. Finally he killed two, in what we call an accident. The cover up that played thereafter would have been the worst the country has ever seen. Everyone seemed to be more than eager to be compromised with the entitlement game. The media with social media and tech evidence did the job. How many such cases of entitlement never see the light of the day. Entitlement and corruption, run hand and hand. Nepotism becomes the order of the day.

Entitlement has thus become the operating algorithm. One the face everything would look normal and well organised. The second is the Prajwal Revanna sex terror case. The location, duration, victims, their background, the audacity of the video recording can put anybody to shame. Criminality at its worst. Has it made a difference to the entitlement of the whole clan? Daily entitlement gives you a feeling that you can get away with anything and finally it crosses all limits. From a totally different background, now we have the Renuka Swamy murder case. What is a celebrity mind made of? The cold blood murder, with a nature of conspiracy and planning that is unravelled in the investigation, speaks of a thorough criminal mind. His intemperate behaviour was condoned for a long time. Can India’s entitlement racket ever be broken?

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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