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In every profession and in every professional facet of human vocational activity, appraisal is the name of the game. There is a season for this pious act in every enterprise / organisation and the future of the Human Resource and it’s utility is decided upon it. We over a period of time are able to find out the super performers, performers, the also rans and also the evaders. People who are free lancers or founders or promoters have their life tied to their performance. They exist only if they deliver, customer satisfaction and achievement of goals are the yardsticks and not a formal appraisal. From creating magic to getting thrown into the doldrums is the wide range for them.

That performance appraisal is the most effective tool to deliver what is intended out of the organisation based on the mandate of its creation. The performance appraisal of each of the employee adds up to the performance of the organisation. The management processes with the advent of the supportive automation, makes this happen seamlessly. It is this constant churning of Human Resource with technical and professional skill based enablement the key to the development trajectory of these enterprises. They are transforming the world. On the other end we have humungous organisations in the area of general administration, economic growth, human development indices and sustainable development goals where appraisals exist but goals don’t get materialised.

Think of the situation if majority of the goals would have been achieved even with considerable delay and higher cost, still the fate of the Indian hinterland would have been radically different. COVID-19 has brought forth in a stark naked style as to what has not happened since independence. That even the basics have not been delivered can be seen by naked eyes of one and well. How does a system of bureaucracy / professionals keep getting excellent appraisals when the ground reality remains as horrid as over? The main stakeholder – people of this country generally have no idea of the excellent appraisals these guys carry, when the mandated tasks remains unattended for years. What is the purpose of this appraisal and whose appraisal is it anyway?

When the delivery mechanism gets detached from the appraisal mechanism, we land in the state of Nirvana, a state in which the common man feels that whatever might be the Goverment / governance, nothing tangibly good can happen. Voting becomes a formality and living a rigmarole. The political executive claim their appraisal being in the people’s court and that they reign supreme over everybody else. How does this appraisal mechanism work, nobody has been able to fathom out, so nobody knows the remedial action too. Between the rock and the hard surface, life goes on.


Sanjay Sahay

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