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In the assembly line world where copying is the name of the game and being typified an accomplishment, there is barely an scope or the urge for aura to peep into our lives. Aura is  the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.  It happens over the years, a long drawn process and sticks on even beyond the life of the person.

How does aura gets created? It starts with doing something distinctive which is worthwhile,  different and constructive and makes an positive and one of its type impact  on the individuals and society around. Urge blended with perseverance plays magic, people start getting impacted.  The distinctive quality is felt all over and people start feeling the aura.  It is feeling, an experience which anybody in contact of the person feels and he spreads the feel and message as well.

It creates a distinctive appeal which all such individuals have.  Quite often people are attracted by appeal and only later are able to find out the reason of the aura.  The beauty is that there is always one. Such people are not bothered with the  nature of people around but consistently keep spreading their message and work  and this is the manner in which aura solidifies and spreads. Whatever might be the work or thoughts behind the creation of aura, for sure it’s a feeling first and last.

People with aura have been in all walks of life making a difference to the lives of all who come in touch with them. – Lots tried to manufacture aura for vested interests and gains but history so far shows that such misadventures has miserably failed . Some might have been successful to start, but it falls flat pretty shortly. In some cases it  backfires to the extent that the person has to look  around desperately for cover.

 Aura is pure as mysticism in the real world. It happens on its own, cannot be put in a casual theory or analysed by a matrix.


Sanjay Sahay

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