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We have trying to the catch this animal by its tail and what is not possible in the natural world does not seems to be happening in the virtual world too. The principles and execution of all scientific and technical gadgetry remains the same across the globe and so it’s creation / development and the validation process. The precision and its interface is all well known to the experts and that is how ease of operations of technical systems happens.

It is a different story in the Cyber world, where IEEE and other agencies run the functional system of the internet, where the technical specifications and operational procedures are tuned to the core and its further upgrade / execution happens very very methodically. It has been perfected over the years. Standards are at the core of its existence. When software companies come into the picture, then the story starts, its connect with hardware, the networking hardware and connectivity, and then the whole ecosystem should have a full proof security vetting.

Cyber security being an add on and not being the design element in softwares and also the hardware has it’s own issues. This is where common cyber security standards will come into play. The world’s leading telecom manufacturer Huawei’s venture and success in 5G technology has once again raised hue and cry in the US, leading to ban, on issues of security. Backdoors today have become the ugliest word in the Cyber World, gives us a feeling that we live in a compromised world. Huewei might be right or wrong, what is shameful is that we don’t have an international standard on which it can measured and marked.

Private entities have been making standards, which have been followed or not followed depending on its branding and how much of business can be generated out of that certification. For sure, they have failed to deliver. A inter governmental initiative to create a common cyber security standards in the need of hour, without which we cannot move an inch further. With the standards certification and audit has to be happen. Enforcement would be the key. It has work on a dynamic, scalable , real time model. Humungous task but has to start.


Sanjay Sahay

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