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Times change, the core methodologies of growth of human civilization remain the same. Christopher Columbus discovered the viable sailing route to the Americas, he thought he had discovered a route to the Far East. Explorer, navigator and colonist, this is precisely the process the world is in today. The difference is physical to the digital world. The fascination is of creating a New World today is like exploration then. The explorer and the navigator in us will help us maintain the true north.

Emerging and already conventional digital technologies have been throwing up challenges to entrepreneurs& also established companies, to best use these technologies both for the world & for commercial spin-off. The days of single technology / platform is getting over. An appropriate technology mix & match, workable to deliver robust solutions is needed. And having been able to make the prototype & first commercial version run, one has to keep improving upon it both vertically & horizontally. Blockchain technology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing / Generation, Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality, 3D Printing, IOT etc can be explored, discovered, researched upon to create solutions in every field. Explorative Disruption is the name of the game.

The ideal mix of this explorer mind, what we call as the monkey mind in breakthrough thinking coupled with innate business acumen is what makes an entrepreneur click. Possibly, there are no shortcuts. The effort is the distance you need to traverse, while Columbus travelled the physical distance. The effort, courage and conviction for such a journey might be, we are not even in a position to imagine now. Our educational system has failed to create this behavioural trait.

Colonization in some form or other has been a staple for mankind, imperialism being the most manifestative one. Capitalism is another variant; controlling commerce, manufacturing and finance of the world. Now it’s Data; the biggest asset of the day. A mechanism has been put in place for data creation by the Data Controllers, that is the colonization of the day. Data Colonization is a clear cut indication of a subservient future.


Sanjay Sahay

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