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In a country where learning is for a fixed objective and time, having a Relentless Knowledge Journey, way beyond the standard learning age is supposed to be an exercise in futility. The questions generally are; from where do you get time, how can you think of a topic everyday, what do you gain out of it, to the most weird; from where did you forward it, how you can write everyday without copying from somewhere etc. Some over enthusiastic ones took upon themselves to go on endless Google search and all sorts of other searches which only they know of, to locate the source/s, repository etc.

They have not been able to find any, but I presume the search is on. In the process they have validated by originality, narrative, utility and the connect with the readers. They have also validated that every day, there is a different topic, but all relevant ones and it’s relevance is enhanced with the precise and incisive dissection of the same, all in 350 words. To the credit of the DailyPost, it has never been trolled in the last 1400 days. 1400 days are certainly more than enough to put all the detractors at rest.

It has also given the realisation that there are hardly few, who are ready to get on to the tough ride of voracious reading, reflective writing and purposeful speaking. Presumably, in India’s well educated world, this approach lacks utility. The question is who will put in this effort. Effort with no direct gain is the story which does not interest us. Knowledge has never been our forte, the semblance of it is. The exams, the degrees, the certificates, the commendation letters, the awards, the pics and the videos unfortunately don’t add upto knowledge. Wisdom is the most unheard word today in this awesome world.

So, a Relentless Knowledge Journey was necessitated, platform being WhatsApp, without fear or favour, with no strings attached and no hope or aspiration of any gain. This was the culmination of a long undocumented knowledge journey. Every single day those 350 words bear directly or indirectly on my personal & professional journey, my voracious reading, being a project execution practitioner et al. It is a small part of me. In 1400 days we have around 5 lakh words in dynamic knowledge repository, which can be anybody’s envy, but also the first love of anyone who is knowledge hungry. Relentless Knowledge Journey has been extremely satisfying, taking my knowledge and skills to a level I had never imagined. I am indebted to my readers to have brought me to this level.


Sanjay Sahay

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