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A self confidence that is breath taking for a dream which nobody would bet on. To go to the moon and that too in his lifetime. Elon Musk is the real “Iron Man”, end to end from having ideas which are beyond audacious, and given his track record till now, it seems he can make it happen. While the world grapples to find the cause of this madness, innovators / entrepreneurs are a breed of their own and Elon Musk happens to one of the rarest of the rare. His dreams seems to have made of steel, whatever come may & for whatever it takes.

Born in South Africa he was few worlds away from the Silicon Valley, which is later disclosed as his dream destination. Child prodigy what he was he did end up reading the whole library. Sure of leaving his country for lack of ecosystem he aspired of, he landed in Toronto to pursue education with great difficulty. He gained immense proficiency in coding which came to his rescue when he hit the dire straits& he did quite a few times. Through Toronto and University of Pennsylvania & Stamford, he reached his dream location. He was convinced that the dreams could be realised here. He wanted make a profound impact.

From a nondescript person to a millionaire to a billionaire and then risking everything for his dreams, getting on the verge of bankruptcy swinging back again to become a successful billionaire after a string of unimaginable failures is the metal he is made of. The real “iron man” is grit personified.

Where to start is always a challenge. He was able to bring yellow pages to the the digital format, once thought to be indispensable, gave him his first bounty of millions of dollars. The profound impact was yet to happen. PayPal was that moment of glory and windfall; a new digital transfer of money mechanism. Colonising Mars, getting automobiles rid of fossil fuels and tapping solar energy at a workable scale led to SpaceX, Tesla & Solar City; redefining the our existential ground rules itself.


Sanjay Sahay

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