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Cyber Crime and Cyber Security cannot be either defined with so much of ease as has been  done by the statutes, regulations and directives nor are these two known ingredients of the cyber world, complete cyber universe for the Police. Prevention and detection of crime and maintenance of law, the legally prime duties of Police, to perform these tasks what level of cyber navigation and analytics would be required. Add VVIP security and you can see the problem growing manifold. If you were to add an entire gamut of economic offences, terrorism and local criminal intelligence and national / international level intelligence in its all-pervasive avatar, you may be able get some inkling of what the Cyber Police being proposed is all about.

The world of Cyber to be tackled is so humungous that it may defy any definition to start with. The unfortunate reality is that is has been restricted to couple of cyber crime police stations and cyber cells. COVID-19 has blown off the lid from what was earlier presumed to be cyber offences both by way to intensity or spread. The spread unknown is commensurate to spread of our ignorance. From the all physical world to the all Cyber-Physical world has been fast paced lack of knowledge of the police / agencies who are assigned with the task to handle it. Today we have large number of complainants trying to find out a working solution for themselves, when caught in a legal / investigative blind. Cyber cannot be branded as one small cell / dept / station of the Police.

Taking an analogy from State Police and Para Military Forces ecosystem, the Cyber Police once created and consolidated should get that amount of focus, specialized manpower and all kinds of resources inclusive of financial, as the Para Military component of Indian internal security apparatus. Needless to say, they would need an equal measure of importance and say in the regular functioning of the Police at large. Under the Cyber Police umbrella there needs to be large number of specializations dictated by professional requirements. From protecting Critical Information Infrastructure to conducting a social media enabled mob lynching investigation cannot be handled by the same competency Cyber Police.

Cyber Police needs to be calculated on the similar lines, as in case of Police Stations on the basis of crime rate / population and other relevant parameters. It is like creating a new Police force, undeniably some elements are already available in some units and jurisdictions. The nature of the task needs a very different level of planning and long-term implementation and a huge course correction that is required given the digital immersion age in which we are in already. There are large number of policing areas where other agencies and organizations have already declared as their turf. With every passing day, the creation of a worthwhile Cyber Police would become more and more difficult. Lots of expertise also needs to come from the private sector.


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