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When the professionals abdicate their professional power; knowledge, skills & competencies, its turns out to be the most fertile ground for consultancy. The highest level knowledge of any field is the sole preserve of the best practitioners in the field, can be stated without contradiction. Beyond that we have the top level researchers, unravelling the future, Artificial Intelligence, being one of them. Where, why & how does consultancy finds its oxygen from?

It’s an old adage that the consultant asks for your watch and gives you the time. This is the consultants right slot. He makes your Vision statement and the Vision Document. He claims to have a better knowledge of your requirements, more so, in the days to come. Thus, he positions himself as your self styled planner. Is the professional only incharge of day to day routine work & operations.

Consultants are entrenched in the compliance arena. The compliance lots of times, is so to say, stage managed. One requirement document is fed by another compliance document. What it the impact of such compliance? What an irony? What a operating professional cannot do, is done by a consultant. The same story is for project / procurement process. The RFP and the tender process has its own story. Nobody takes the feedback of the people who use it. Who will create the requirements and run the bid process? Only the owner is the straight answer.

How can one become a consultant without having practiced the trade for long, gained expertise, when you are able to guide. Management is a value add on expertise, it cannot be an alternative. Consultancy broadly has no role to play. Domain professionals need to have these skills. The added liability is that consultants are non-executioners. At least they don’t take that responsibility. It’s documentation! Audit is a case in point. Professionals dislodge their headache, whether in govt. or the private sector, on big consultancy brands, which has an inbuilt defence.


Sanjay Sahay

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