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Epitome of professionalism is finesse. We hear of people being complimented for their finesse; impressive delicacy & skill, as it is described. Finesse as a description is rarely used, may the depth of word has not seeped in, in our psyche. Or the other way round, it’s not on display. An expert surgeon displays finesse in a surgery, so does a musician or a orator. The practitioners with finesse few and far between.

The journey of this word itself is very fascinating. It started as noun and ended up being a verb some 200 years ago. Way back in the 16th century it meant refinement in workmanship, structure, or texture. Soon the connotation started changing to its present common understanding of ”skillful handling of a situation” or of performing a craft so diligently, that appreciation is the only response to it. It has become a verb. The finesse of any practice takes you to a level of a feeling & experiencing. It’s professionalism par excellence, a professional who would never fail.

Though management is replete with instances of getting terms, words and jargons from lots of fields and packaging it into the management jargon. It’s been successful mostly. There have been intermittent failures to. Or over a period of time, it gained a different dimension in management practice. Unfortunately, finesse could never make it to that grade. Might be it was beyond management’s rationale. In the assembly line management, it did not fit into the scheme of things. In reality, it has to be taught as the ultimate in skill development and practice and all the management concept and practice which goes into it.

Whichever way we approach to finesse, it’s a must for our existence. Competence at its best. How to teach it is a challenge. From the present standpoint it cannot be taught. Self learning can be the only mode. Self learning is a hard & arduous journey, which best of the professionals don’t venture on. If you aspire to achieve it, only then you will be able to.


Sanjay Sahay

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