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Behind all the technological and other associated developments of the 20th and 21st century, there was one major expectation that human responsiveness would increase considerably. The facilitation provided first by transportation, then by immense improvement in technology followed by information and communication boom was bound to have a direct impact on human responsiveness. Might be earlier lack of information and lots of bottlenecks came in way to the urge to respond. Actually, responding and delivering was meant for a different world.

Is human responsiveness directly proportional to the changes we witnessed in last two decades or there is more to it. The machines have learned to respond in commendable way, may parts of life has become dynamic and real time because of them. In many areas because of the pressure of machine control, technology breathing down the human being, they respond to the barest minimum, to save their job and ignominy attached to it. Has the biometric attendance system improved the quality of work, leave aside the behavior. Responsiveness at the back end means that there should be quality engagement with the issue till the end. It cannot be treated at par with a futile exercise in public relations.

Our psychology remained the same while the world around changed. Given the nature and quantum of knowledge and the tools to assimilate and enhance it, the feeling is that human beings have not responded overwhelmingly to it; parents, teachers, students all. Have we become more empirical, more confident to handle the world, beyond Google searches and Google Maps. Your responsiveness to the world around decides your success, more so in the dynamic world of today. That will decide where we will end up in the race of disruptive techonologies in which the world is already immersed in.

The quality of services provided by a govt. is clearly indicated by the responsiveness of human beings behind the system, enhanced by the technology of the present day. Would Estonia have been the same in the quality of government services if the human resources behind it would have been unresponsive. Can technology make the difference all by itself? NO. The backward and forward linkages of human life will always remain human responsiveness.


Sanjay Sahay

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