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SMART CITY – Smart Solutions : ICT Solutions

Cities would define our future. Connected cities have been becoming the economic powerhouse of the world. By 2024, two / thirds of the world economy would be city controlled. The organic growth of the cities in this country has left lots to be desired. Smart cities will bridge this gap. Smart Cities can be defined as seamless cities based on an integrated approach to infrastructure, transportation & communication, providing both ease of living & ease of business.

To provide this quality of life and business friendly ecosystem, Smart Solutions are the answer. Only ICT solutions can be smart, which presupposes intelligence inbuilt into it. Smart solutions thus are ICT operational systems which are intelligent. The creation of these systems presupposes fairly high level of infrastructure & communication development. Our proposed smart cities should overcome this first critical barrier. Integrated silos needs to be created first.

Smart transportation system can provide multi-mode transport to the passenger on one ticket. The ICT Solution will work in the back end to integrate & intelligently run the system. Individual transport modes will also have to work on smart ICT solutions. Seoul’s city metro’s frequency is decided in a dynamic manner based on the current footfalls at the Stations. Fully data driven. Real time data works as oil in making intelligent solutions.

Big data propels this whole enterprise of Smart City. Crunching data through Big Data Analytics using appropriate solutions; softwares & algorithms is the value add. Seoul Data Center is one of its kind, which keeps the city into operation 24/7/365 smartly. As each city is unique it needs lots of customization as well. The real learning both for the man & machine today is iterative. It leads to an evolved operational model ideally suited to the Smart City. Executing a Connectivity Architecture to suit the Smart City’s needs and the final creation of an Integrated Command & Control Center, on C4i takes the city to a full smart city grade.


Sanjay Sahay

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